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Anton and Andeng set rules for A Love To Last

Mary Ann Bardinas July 17, 2017 01:48 AM
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Love alone is certainly not enough to ascertain a successful relationship, especially for married couples who are setting sail for a life together forever.

A common ground is necessary, when both “agree” to terms important for them; setting rules that would guide them for a trouble free journey.

And this becomes so crucial for a couple like Anton and Andeng, whose path towards marriage was never ordinary.

Being romantically-involved with the family man Anton whose marriage didn’t thrive successfully was not an easy decision and journey to take for a brokenhearted bachelorette like Andeng, but she took the risk for the sake of love.

But the crux lies on a relevant concern: can their marriage thrive beyond the kilig and thrill of falling in love unlike Anton’s previous marriage given also that Andeng also had an achy breaky past?

By setting rules to keep the love alive!

Just like when both had “rules” to follow during the time Andeng was Anton’s subordinate to maintain a healthy and productive professional relationship, they also came up with rules after tying the knot in the hope of preserving their union as husband and wife in spite of the complications that may arise.

Rule 1: “Birthdays, anniversaries, special milestones sa buhay natin at mga bata dapat hindi ma-miss”

Although Anton has been a responsible and ‘near-perfect’ father ever since, Andeng still reminded him that the two of them should always be present during the special moments and milestones of their family, especially the kids. Doing such proves how much they would sacrifice for each other and for their kids in the name of love.

Rule 2: “Date nights. Kailangan may regular day tayo na mag-de-date”

Even if their schedules are hectic, Anton and Andeng agree that they should dedicate a certain day when they would go out and spend leisure time together, such as date nights. These should maintain that romantic spark between them.

Rule 3: “Dapat meron tayong night every week we should call ‘sexy Wednesdays’”

And, as a result, an intimate time of the week is necessary with just the two of them celebrating their love that falls on a “sexy Wednesday.” Why Wednesday? It’s that time of the week when they can just keep their room to themselves without any of the kids disturbing them.

Rule 4: “Kahit gaano kalaki atraso natin, let’s promise to forgive each other (kung aaminin ang pagkakamali, mag-aapologize, tapos mag-promise na di uulitin).”

Forgiveness keeps forever going, only when the guilty party owns up to the mistake and asks for an apology while promising not to do it again. This is a rule that is essential in keeping a marriage strong as it leads to humility and acceptance of each other’s faults, making them more mature and determined to fight for their marriage no matter what.

Rule 5: Prioritize family above anything

Given that Andeng has joined an already closely knit family, it is really goes without saying that Anton would really want his new wife to develop rapport and closeness with his kids, especially Lucas who is particularly attached to his mom, Grace (Iza Calzado). And she succeeded by really prioritizing her new family above anything else, especially during that trip to Ilocos where she bonded with her stepchildren.

Witness how these rules further help Anton and Andeng realize forever on A Love to Last, weeknights after La Luna Sangre on Primetime Bida.