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10 Signs Lena is falling in love with Cardo September 04,2017 11:21 AM

They say that falling in love is like the rain, you can’t predict it, but you can always see signs of it before it completely falls. In the top-rating primetime drama series “FPJ’s Probinsyano,” Lena (Yam Concepcion) is slowly starting to develop romantic feelings for Fernan/Cardo (Coco Martin) after getting to know him more and more. Today, let us list the down the 10 signs that prove that she is definitely falling for him.

1. She smiles whenever she’s with him.

2. She wants nothing but the best for him.

3. She opens up to him about anything.


4. She enjoys spending time with him.

5. She tries to hide her real feelings.

6. She sees that he and her son get along very well.

7. She shows her concern for him.

8. She wants to kiss him so badly.

9. She takes care of him.

10. She just admires everything about him.

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