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Hugot Hits of the Heart by ASAP Jambayan

Christian Espinosa February 20,2018 01:06 AM


Picture it: it was raining. You and your boyfriend just had a fight. Or you are alone in your room, crying, or worse, walling. How about walking in the park alone or checking some ex’s souvenirs? Painful picture, right? How about suddenly hearing a song that describes exactly what you feel at that moment, a song that hits you right through the core?


We don’t enjoy those hugot moments. But once you hear those hugot songs play, you can’t help it but become emotional. #triggered!


And we bet you like listening to the hugot songs of ASAP Jambayan with Inigo, Moira, Kaye Cal, Migz and Zia, offering you a new set of #hugotfeels playlist every Sunday.


What Jambayan playlist do you consider as the hugot hits of your heart? Already forgot? Let’s play them again here.


Is it the playlist that make you remember the pains and heartaches left by your ex-lover? Get some tissues and listen to some of the break-up anthems.



Or the times-two hugot feels you experienced when Jambayan and Sessionistas performed the hugot hits of 1995 on ASAP’s 23rd anniversary?



Or do you press replay on Jambayan’s version of 2017 hugot hits where Moira also sang her hit song, “Malaya”?



What about these movie theme songs that make you remember the romantic scenes in the movie then start to ugly cry? Is this part of your hugot hits?



Do these OPM hugot songs of 80s remind you of your happy and heartbreaking lovelife? Don’t cry yet! Try to listen to these songs first!



Or how about these other OPM songs that we bet you tried to play on guitar with your ex? Remembered the feeling? Or remembered the heartache?


These hugot hits of your heart don’t tell you to stop right there and cry all day but to just sing your sadness away, pull yourself together and live your life. So join the ASAP Jambayan in singing your sorrows away and at the end of the song, move on.