Asia's King of Talk Boy Abunda, Carmina Villarroel and Janice de Belen are set to give TV viewers their new weekend habit-- "Buzz ng Bayan,"ABS-CBN's first fully-interactive entertainment talk show that levels up audience engagement in the discussion about the latest issues that affect the lives of ordinary Filipinos.

ABS-CBN redefines the traditional showbiz talk show format and brings together three of the country's most talented and respected TV hosts, namely 'King of Talk' Boy Abunda, Carmina Villarroel, and Janice de Belen in "Buzz ng Bayan"

The show features three main segments: ‘Top News Items’ that is open to any reaction of the viewers about different relevant national issues; 'Opinions,' where the Boy, Carmina and Janice share their views about the most intriguing showbiz news; and ‘Panel Discusion,’ where celebrity guests and panelists share their insights on a particular topic.

"Buzz ng Bayan"  is produced by the team that created some of ABS-CBN`s award-winning talk shows like "Gandang Gabi Vice," "E-Live," "SNN," "Showbiz Inside Report," and "The Buzz."

Take part in the timely discussion and don`t miss the pilot episode of ABS-CBN's newest showbiz-oriented talk show, "Buzz ng Bayan," every Sunday at 4PM, after "Luv U."