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Romeo and Julie: The First-Time Parents

John Mark Yap October 08,2016 08:48 AM

Every Saturday in Home Sweetie Home, we get to watch how Romeo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Julie (Toni Gonzaga) deal with the realities of married life. Their marriage became more fun and exciting with the arrival of their firstborn, Baby Summer. Today, let us list down some entertaining moments of Romeo and Julie as first-time parents that a lot of couples can relate to.

Romeo and Julie finally brought their baby home. When they arrived, their neighbors were very excited to touch and see their child but the couple, being overprotective first-time parents, didn’t want them to be too close.

They panicked when Baby Summer was crying non-stop. Julie thought their newborn had fever so she asked Romeo to look for the thermometer and text the doctor. Their baby suddenly stopped crying after burping, as suggested by their friend Obet (Jobert Austria).

The couple and Julie’s mother, Nanay Loi (Sandy Andolong), had a hard time sleeping because their baby kept on crying in the middle of the night. They woke up several times simply to attend to their daughter’s needs.

Romeo and Julie were slowly adjusting to their new life as first-time parents. They enjoyed watching their child asleep and even argued on who resembled the baby more. Julie also had an emotional moment when she didn’t know how to pacify her own daughter.

While on their way out of their house, L.A. (Mitoy Yonting) pointed out to Julie and her two siblings, Gigi (Miles Ocampo) and Rence (Clarence Delgado), that her firstborn was crying too loud. They were all shocked when they saw Baby Summer at the basket, accidentally left by Nanay Loi. Because of this incident, Julie decided to hire as babysitter or a yaya.

When Lani (Valerie Concepcion), the babysitter, suggested that Baby Summer can sleep with her, Julie became a possessive mother and said that she can take care of her own daughter. However, Lani took it the wrong way and was hurt with Julie’s decision.

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