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7 Hilarious Moments Vice Ganda Got a Taste of His Own Medicine

Josa Pelayo May 09,2017 06:48 PM

Vice Ganda has become legendary for his quick wit and keen sense of humor. No matter the situation, he is always able to make even the simplest things funny and amusing. His wacky antics, impeccable comic timing, and unforgiving jokes never fail to leave everyone rolling with laughter. But there have been times when his fellow It’s Showtime hosts were able to beat him at his own game.

So, what happens when the tables are turned on the Unkabogable Star? Here are 7 hilarious moments when Vice had a taste of his own funny medicine.

1. Vhong Navarro and Billy Crawford play tug of war… with Vice Ganda’s sleeves.

Vice jokingly scolds a Dancing in Tandem contestant for entrusting her heart to a deceitful guy. But Vhong and Billy step in to keep Vice from getting carried away by playing tug of war with his unusual sleeves.

2. Vhong pokes fun at Vice’s hairdo.

They say that a person’s hair is their crowning glory, so it’s quite understandable that even the Unkabogable Star gets flustered when it comes to his trendsetting hairstyle. So when Vhong compares his tresses to a bonnet, Vice launches into a comical tirade that sends the entire studio laughing.

3. Anne Curtis evens the score by saying that she looks great from any angle.

Vice races past Anne and successfully gets the more flattering spot on the Tawag ng Tanghalan stage. But Anne bursts his bubble by stating that she doesn’t mind since any angle suits her.

4. Vhong picks on Vice’s seemingly transparent cycling short.

While interviewing the Dancing in Tandem contenders, Vhong calls everyone’s attention to Vice’s sheer cycling shorts. A riotous goose chase between the two ensues when Vhong goes on to tease the Phenomenal Superstar that there’s no use in wearing cycling if it’s just going to be transparent anyway.

5. Vhong blames the presence of a fly on Vice.

Inspired by the performance of a Dancing in Tandem team, Vice busts out a few high-octane moves. But when a fly appears out of nowhere, Vhong jokes that it materialized because of Vice’s particular dance step.

6. Anne agrees that Vice is more beautiful in the eyes of foreigners who like a specific type of beauty.

Vice declares that Anne is prettier only because Filipinos prefer fair-skinned girls. Outside of the Philippines, he insists that he will definitely be considered more beautiful. But he gets outplayed by Anne when she concurs that foreigners do look for exotic beauties like Vice.

7. The mother of twin contestants informs Vice that she ate expensive chocolates while pregnant.

Vice induces laughter with his hilarious reaction to a mother’s pronouncement that she craved and ate expensive chocolates and macaroni salad while she was pregnant with her twins.