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PAANDAR 2017: 10 Most Epic Fight Scenes in La Luna Sangre

Ana Valenzuela January 01,2018 08:22 AM

The third book of the Moonstone trilogy, La Luna Sangre, continues to captivate audiences everywhere. One thing that viewers cannot get enough of is the battle scenes that have been well prepared by the cast and production. We look back at some of the most memorable bouts the top rated series gave us this year.

1. Lia and Mateo vs Sandrino’s minions

After having given up their vampire and werewolf powers to save their daughter, Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Angel Locsin) are being haunted by Supremo’s men. The now mortal couple show off their fighting style with knives as their only weapon.

2. Barang vs Jacintha

Barang‘s (Shamaine Buencamino) death scene is full of fangs and swooshing red cloaks, as the seer duels no less than the “Babaeng Nakapula”. In the end, Barang is killed over Jacintha’s (Angel Locsin) collusion with Samantha (Maricar Reyes).

3. Mateo vs Sandrino

Laban ng parang mga halimaw,” is what Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) describes this battle scene between him and Mateo. The faces, with red eyes and fangs, is one thing, but what makes this match up truly epic is the supernatural speed, high jumps, and flights.

4. Malia vs Samantha

Part of Malia’s (Kathryn Bernardo) initiation to become a Moonchaser is that she must kill vampire and Moonchaser leader Samantha. This scene features intense grappling and scuffling that results in Malia grabbing Tristan’s (Daniel Padilla) sword and accidentally piercing it to the vampire’s body.

5. Samantha vs Sandrino

Sibling rivalry at its finest! Samantha’s first death was a hoax, as she resurrected from Malia’s deadly stab. Samantha goes after her half brother Sandrino, who had been looking for her. Sandrino asks his allies to leave them, and we see him phasing fast around his Samantha, who blows him off.

6. Malia vs Jacintha

Malia’s full powers have not yet come to fruition. That is why on this encounter with Jacintha, the older comes out on top. Jacintha sneers at Malia, and tells her that if she cannot beat her, what chance has she got against Sandrino. But, it is obvious that Jacintha’s wounding words was meant to make Malia realize her full potential.

7. Tristan vs Sandrino

Secrets are divulged as Sandrino finds out that he and Tristan share the same father. The Supremo learns about this during a duel with his half brother, and sees that they both share the same mark. Wanting to win over Tristan, Sandrino offers his life. Without any hesitation, Tristan takes on the sword and stabs Sandrino.

8. Tristan & Prof T vs Vampires

It’s the Moonchasers versus a group of vampires, as the former tries to defend a senator. Humans end up bloodied, injured, or worse dead against the vampires who have super speed and strength. Tristan and Prof T (Albert Martinez), even sustain injuries.

9. Malia vs Sandrino

One step closer to fulfilling her destiny, the courageous Malia shows no ounce of fear as she faces off against Supremo. They engage in some hand to hand combat, with Malia finally being able to match Sandrino’s speed and powers. The vampire warns Malia that they will rule the world; to which Malia answers that Tristan will never be like Sandrino.

10. Jacintha vs vampires

The Lady in Red battles a large group of vampires, and proves that her strength lies not in numbers but in her power. What makes this scene even more spectacular is the revelation that Jacintha is actually that red-cloaked lady. She then kills Sandrino’s men including Boris. Such breathtaking scenes have made La Luna Sangre a cut above the rest in the fantasy action genre in primetime teleseryes. Viewers are surely excited and thrilled to witness more gripping, action-packed sequences as the astonishing Moonstone trilogy reaches its breathtaking climax.