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Jacintha Magsaysay’s mysterious, spellbinding journey on La Luna Sangre

Mary Ann Bardinas January 10,2018 03:41 PM

We were all stunned with Angel Locsin’s glamorous entrance as the mysterious, gorgeous woman that went by the name Jacintha Magsaysay.

She was presented as the fierce and cunning campaign strategist of Sandrino Imperial (Richard Gutierrez), the Supremo who’s running for presidency in order to make his wicked plans of vampire domination come into fruition easier.

But as the series progresses, her real identity was unraveled as the co-founder and head of the Moonchasers. She used the connection she established with Sandrino for them to suppress his forces and kill him as well.

One scheme she came up with in ending his life was to make his heart beat again, by attempting to seduce him and make him fall in love with her. Aside from that, she also had to disguise as the lady under a red cloak to help the Moonchasers and La Liga Unida in fighting against Sandrino and his minions.

She also examined and scrutinized his childhood and roots, and helped in honing the combatting skills of Malia and unleashing her supernatural powers before fighting the enemies.

As she made her presence felt in the series, Jacintha vanquished her adversaries with her mystical might, making Prof. T (Albert Martnez) wonder about who she really is and suspect that she could be Lia.

Later on, Gilbert dismissed her from work and Jacintha used that moment to declare the presidential candidate’s wrongdoings to the public.

Numerous bloody encounters happened between Sandrino and the fearless trio of Jacintha, Malia, and Tristan (Daniel Padilla), but the January 9 episode gave the most momentous, pivotal scene of all.

After Sandrino bit Tristan and potentially turning him into a vampire, Jacintha tearfully stabbed Tristan to death with her dagger made from the first werewolf’s fangs to avoid the consequences of his possible transformation. This devastated Malia who discovered Tristan’s lifeless body as Jacintha blankly stared. Sandrino likewise reappeared and Jacintha also stabbed him and turned him into ashes.

Having completed her mission in waylaying Sandrino and stopping his heinous plot, Jacintha uttered “Tapos Na” repeatedly and disappeared right before Malia’s eyes, leaving only her red cloak on the ground.

Is this already a farewell for the three main characters? Or is this just the start of a more riveting story?

Let’s find out in the more exciting and breathtaking episodes of La Luna Sangre weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Primetime Bida.