Welcome to LIKEstyle!  Helping you live the life you LIKE.


How often does this happen to you?  You go to a salon to get a new do armed with a magazine clipout of a model’s hairstyle you fancy.  Or you go to a restaurant and order that dish that your TV idol said she enjoyed?  Or you go to the bookstore and pick out a book that a famous journalist has loved so much he’s been tweeting about it?  Or you go to the mall hunting for a top to complete a look you liked from last week’s fashion show?


With so many options out there, where do you begin?  Well, with the things that you LIKE, of course!  Nowadays, pinning down your own LIFE STYLE has become a challenge for some, but a game for others, for those who know what they actually LIKE, or CAN like.


Here at LIKESTYLE we will try to make that game a lot easier for you to play by featuring lifestyle options that you hopefully like.  And we’ll start by looking to those whom a lot of us already love: the stars!  From beauty to home tips, and from local to international household names, we’ll showcase celebrity pegs that will draw out your inner star J


Here’s hoping that we and the greats won’t just be like-minded, but like-styled too.