Housemates get into conflict because of “Selfies”

Cristina MalonzoMay 06, 2014 04:06 PM

Kuya gives the housemates a “Selfiemate” assignment for their task this week. He asks Vickie, Cess and Chevin to take lead of the task and explain to the housemates how to go about it. They have to take 3,000 selfie shots with Kuya’s provided cellphone, selfie arm in  2 hours, 5 minutes and 8 seconds per day to complete and succeed in the task this week. Once they hear the stinger, the housemates have to spin the roulette to know how many people are included in the picture. They have to take as many pics as they can within the designated time.

Some housemates however, expressed to Kuya their dissatisfaction with the way things are going. Chevin said he is dismayed because some housemates would not listen to the instructions he was relaying from Kuya. As a result, Kuya did not include the pictures, which were not taken using the selfie-arm. Chevin pinpointed Michelle as the one being bossy and unwilling to follow the instructions.

Later on, Michelle apologized to Cess and said that the instructions were unclear as to whether they need to use the selfie-arm or not, that’s why she suggested otherwise.

On a lighter note, the housemates teased Joshua and Loisa and the two gamely posed for “sweet” selfies. And because she is dubbed the “Selfie Lord,” Kuya also asked Loisa to create three selfie pick-up lines. Loisa approached Joshua immediately and asked for his help. Joshua then amused Loisa with pick-up lines such as, “Joshua ka ba? Kasi I Jo-shua-nna be with you.”