A housemate gets mad because of a bag of chips

Cristina MalonzoMay 07, 2014 12:09 PM
The housemates failed their first weekly task and because of this, they need to live within a budget for their food inside the house. During lunch, Axel was aware that their viand might not be enough for all for them so he requested for chips to go around as an extra viand for lunch. However, Michelle was quick to object saying they should eat it later at dinner, or after dinner. Although they abided and did not speak, Axel and Chevin took offense and expressed to Kuya how “bossy” Michelle is. After lunch though, Alex took the chips and asked some people if they wanted to eat it with her. Several people agreed. Despite the half-hearted objections of Michelle, Alex and several housemates ate the chips.

Axel was hurt because it looked like Alex just waited for him to get up before she decided to eat the chips. He told some housemates “sobrang galit ko naiiyak ako.” When he was in the confession room, Axel told Kuya that he was so hurt because he’s not used to rejection and he felt like Michelle and Alex rejected him with their actions. He also opened up about his regrets about not being able to achieve his dream of becoming a basketball star but that he’s happy that his brother Thomas is able to achieve their dreams.

When Alex got wind of this, she talked to Kuya and decided to take the more mature route. She approached Axel to talk to him. Axel was very frank about what he felt, and he was so hurt that he was near tears during his conversation with Alex. Alex approached Axel two more times to apologize, knowing that she did not mean to offend and hurt anyone. Axel, in time, accepted Alex’s apologies. Furthermore, Alex told everyone that they could eat anything they want from then on. Michelle was going to object to this, but Alex remained firm.

Have the housemates really patched up their differences when it comes to food sharing? Does Michelle know several housemates think she’s bossy? Keep watching Pinoy Big Brother All In at 9:50PM on weekdays and 8:45PM on Sunday on ABS-CBN.


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