Kuya’s advice to Nichole

Cristina MalonzoMay 08, 2014 10:15 AM

In an earlier conversation with the girls, Nichole mentioned being bullied in school. She recounted how she was fat when she came back from Australia and that when her friend got mad at her, she started telling other people how Nichole was fat and a loser.

Nichole was Alex and Fifth’s first guest on “Litra-talk.” Litra-talk is a “talk show” inside Kuya’s house and Alex and Fifth were tasked to host it. A picture was shown of Nichole and her mom, model-host Phoemela Baranda. Nichole told her housemates that the picture was taken before the show Buzz ng Bayan. It was on that show where it was revealed to the public that Phoemela has a daughter. Nichole revealed that she and her mom felt good afterwards because they no longer needed to hide their true relationship from the public.

She also said that her greatest fear was losing her mom because Phoemela is all she’s got. She added that the reason she wasn’t introduced as Phoemela’s daughter was because her mom’s career was just starting when she was born and her mom was the breadwinner of the family. Nichole also doesn’t know who her dad is and she doesn’t feel the need to ask her mom because her mom was both mom and dad to her. Nichole also told host Alex that, “never pa akong umiyak sa interview ngayon lang.” When asked for a message to her mom, Nichole said, “Mom I have something to tell you when I get home.” Nichole explained “naiilang ako minsan sa kanya” and “hindi ko masabi ang ‘I Love you’ sa mom ko.”

When Kuya talked to Nichole, Nichole said that when she was bullied as a kid she may have formed a defense against that and she just shuts out the bad experience every time she feels sad. She added that maybe it was in preparation for the painful events in her life like when her Lola died and when she finally learned that the person she thought was her sister was in fact her mom.

Dr. Randy Dellosa, resident psychologist and psychiatrist of Pinoy Big Brother, said that bullying might have caused low self-esteem in Nichole, that’s why she tends to be quiet inside the house because being quiet keeps her safe. Furthermore, Dr. Dellosa said that Nichole “has a very complicated life, maraming hindi pa resolved sa buhay niya.”

In relation to this, Kuya invited Alex and Michelle to the confession room and showed them two different pictures of Nichole, one where she looked like a sweet girl and another picture where she was daring and biting her lip.

A third picture was also revealed and in it Nicole was shown in a risqué pose. The third picture was also posted on her Twitter account for a time.

In an earlier conversation with Manolo, Nichole revealed to him that in one picture she mimicked her mom’s sexy magazine cover shot where her mom posed almost topless.

Alex and Michelle talked to Nichole about it, asking her what was on her mind when she did the pose. Nichole said she was just doing random poses and the pic wasn’t a form of self-expression. After making sure Nichole understood why she should be more careful next time, Alex and Michelle comforted her and told her that it’s just one picture and it doesn’t define who she is.

In a talk with Kuya, she said she knows her mom would be disappointed if she knows about the pic and she doesn’t want her to think she’s that person in the pic. Aside from that, everything went well and Nichole learned a valuable lesson that day. “Marami pa po akong matututunan, mabigat pero doon lang po ako matuto e.

Kuya did not mince his words and he wanted Nichole to understand something. “Bilang nakakatanda at gumagabay din sa iyo ngayon, sinasabi ko sa iyo na mali [ang ginawa mo.]” After that though, Kuya added, “Huwag mong kakalimutan na teenager ka pa lang Nichole, kalimutan mo ang mga problema, maging masaya ka dahil minsan ka lang maging bata.”