The housemates engage in a prank war in Kuya’s house

Cristina MalonzoMay 16, 2014 12:38 PM

There’s a prank war inside Kuya’s house. It began when the boys entered the girls’ bedroom one night and hollered “good night” so loud. After that, they also did surprise attacks on girls. The girls then hit back with their fish head-under-the-pillow prank. The boys then sprayed fish sauce combined with vinegar on the mirrors in the girls’ bedroom.

Aina was annoyed because their room was really smelly and she thought it was Ranty who did it. Ranty was hurt because Aina kept thinking it was him. Later Aina admitted her fault to Kuya.

Meanwhile, Jane was crying her heart out because of a joke from Axel that didn’t sit well with her. She said it made her feel like everybody sees her as “demanding.” Jayme, Aina, and Alex talked to her about it to make her feel better. While all this was going down, Cess couldn’t sympathize with Jane because she felt that Jane intentionally spilled water on her. She made a big fuss about it and told Vickie and Axel about Jane’s “misbehavior.”

Later, Jane was sweet to Cess and entreated Cess to sit with her and the other housemates. Also, Axel approached Jane and said sorry to her. Jane and Axel ended their “tampuhan” with a sweet hug. Is everything okay now with Jane and Cess? Will Cess stop talking about Jane? What about Aina and Ranty?

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