Jacob balks at the idea of losing 16lbs in one week

Cristina MalonzoMay 21, 2014 01:31 PM

Kuya talked to the teens to let them know that they are “all in” on the dancing and food, but not when it comes to the drinks. Manolo is disappointed. At the party, Manolo made the most of it by dancing while Joshua said he felt left out and that, “nagiling-giling parang nakaka-ilang.”

Alex, meanwhile, although allowed to drink refrained from doing so. Instead, what she did was, “Umaarte na lang akong lasing, part na rin ako.” Alex did look inebriated when she danced.

When the curfew bell for the teen housemates sounded, the teens expressed their disappointment. Jane said, “I’ve never felt more like a kid.”

After the teens went inside, the adults started their game of “Truth or Dare.” It was fun for a while, until Axel and Aina had a misunderstanding and the housemates tried to pacify both of them. Axel tried to explain to Kuya, “Natutuwa ako ‘pag naasar siya.”

Fifth, meanwhile, got drunk. He said, “Inuubos ko talaga ang mga drinks Kuya, kasi sayang.” He also said he was very happy that night.

In the morning, housemates woke up to find a weighing scale in their living room. Daniel seemed to know what this meant and talked to Fourth to rethink his cooking decisions. He said that Fourth should steam the chicken instead of frying it so that they’d be able to lose weight even without a gym. After a while, they decided to just enjoy the fried chicken for that meal and then change the way they cook food after that.

Sure enough, after the housemates enjoyed their fried chicken meal plus dessert, Kuya weighed them one by one and zeroed in on the “Pabigat nang pabigat housemates,” namely: Alex, Jane, Aina, Vickie, Loisa, Nichole, Alex and Loisa. Loisa and Jane had the most to lose among the girls when they gained seven pounds more from their previous weight.

Kuya called Jacob the “Pinaka-pabigat nang pabigat.” He has to lose 16 lbs, and go back to his previous weight of 150lbs, in one week and Jacob seemed pissed off and said, “it’s impossible.”