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Star Magic Spotlight Rewind January 07,2018 09:03 AM

Two years since its inception and more than 120 interviews later, Spotlight has been your ultimate online source for in-depth features about some of your most favorite Star Magic artists.

And as a fitting tribute to our 2nd anniversary, we’re taking you back down the memory lane as we recall milestones, revisit trivias and remember the craziest, funniest and most memorable moments with your idols, oncam, offcam and everything in between.


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Sure all the challenges and interviews that we’ve made on Spotlight have been memorable and exciting in one way or another. But there are those that left us in awe and really made a mark.


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If there’s one thing that “airing” online for almost 104 weekends straight has done, it would have to be earning that certain number viewers and followers that tune in on our weekly features.


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Spotlight was originally created to serve as a platform to get to know the Star Magic artists better offcam. As a pioneering project, Spotlight naturally saw a lot of interesting firsts in its two year run. Check out what we have culled from our memories so far!