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5 Gripping reasons why Camille should stick it out with Rafael in “The Better Half”

Mary Ann Bardinas May 16, 2017 10:21 PM
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As Camille (Shaina Magdayao) was coming to terms with her husband’s supposed loss, Rafael (JC de Vera) came to here rescue. He’s the one who accompanied her to get through depression and saved her from taking her own life. He helped her move on and re-establish her life by encouraging her to focus on other things, such as teaching.

Helping someone depart from desolation is never an easy task. But Rafael did not give up until the friendship developed between them stirred into a romantic relationship (and they even got married!).

However, the gripping turn of events on The Better Half has suddenly resulted in her marriage with Rafael to end up on the rocks as Camille’s former sweetheart, Marco (Carlo Aquino) whom they deemed was already dead, had not been deceased after all. Marco, who had been given up for dead as the aircraft he was riding en route to Dubai had crashed, actually survived the disaster and was rescued by an obsessive Bianca (Denise Laurel) from an island. Marco had since suffered from dissociative amnesia. But as he regained his memories and discovered Bianca’s terrible secret to separate him from his wife for her own benefit, Marco came into the picture and sought to reunite with Camille. Will it be all worth it for Camille to thoroughly throw away the past she once had with Marco for Rafael?

For a lot of viewers, it is. Here’s why she should stick it out with Rafael.

1. He’s a modern-day prince charming.

Who says heroes need to wear capes? Their very first meeting at the Manila Bay breakwater attests that Rafael is indeed Camille’s hero. The woman was grief-stricken and was on the act of taking her own life by jumping to the Manila Bay breakwater when this knight in shining armor saved her. He had given her another chance to live and had since been genuinely in love with her. Aside from that, Rafael also played hero to Camille’s family as he anonymously helped them by paying the hospital bills of her Manong Julio (Zeppi Borromeo).

2. He loves to have fun and go on adventures.

It seems that Rafael knows what to do to move on from a heart break -- he and his friends invited Camille to go on a hike to the soaring peaks of Mt. Pulag! This was when she made a declaration that she would move on from the depression, screaming “Gusto ko nang lumaya!,” and start a new chapter in her life. Through this, she became closer to Rafael and was ready to give love another try.

3. He knows how to make a girl feel so special.

Any girl will definitely fall head over heels over Rafael. Aside from possessing good looks and the right attitude, Rafael also knows how to make Camille feel so special. Remember that surprise sunrise proposal with her family? That’s only a part because he never cease to show his woman how much he adores and appreciates her since the very first time they got along, and most especially after their wedding. He knows the most appropriate words to say when Camille’s feeling down, he takes care of her when she does not feel well, and he even prepares breakfast for her in bed! Rafael indeed fulfills #HusbandGoals.

4. He never gives up.

Initially, Rafael’s mother Helen (Joyce Ann Burton) was against their relationship because of Camille’s family and she assumed that Camille was just in it for the money. Thus, making Camille have second thoughts on continuing her romance with Rafael. However, giving up is out of his vocabulary and he fought for his love for Camille and they ended up together! But the hurdles in their relationship didn’t stop there as Marco resurfaced to Camille’s life, making everything so complicated. But he’s been so understanding and courageous to still give Camille his love and support, even though he’s hurting so much. Who would not love that?

5. He has been a loving husband since Day 1.

Their marriage has been on the rocks since Marco’s comeback. But his deep love for Camille is the last firm string he is holding on in order to survive the plight they are in. Discovering that their relationship could possibly end due to legal matters is really mind-blowing. Thus, he continuously supports Camille whatever way he can, particularly in finding ways on how to put things back as they were. He won’t certainly let Camille be taken away from him, no matter what it takes.

So, are you #TeamMarco or #TeamRafael? Catch the more intensifying episodes of The Better Half weekdays after Pusong Ligaw on Kapamilya Gold.