Three-chair turner Giedie Laroco picks Coach Lea

Cristina MalonzoJune 09, 2014 02:43 PM

On last night's episode of The Voice Kids, Coach Bamboo got three new members for Camp Kawayan: Natsumi Saito, 12; Maite Zubiri, 13; and Edray Teodoro, 12. 

Natsumi is a half-Japanese and half-Filipino from Cabanatuan and sang “Price Tag.” Coach Bamboo turned for Natsumi because he sensed “a real Motown vibe.” 

Maite hails from Malaybalay, Bukidnon and is the daughter of Mayor Ignacio Zubiri. Maite sang “Stuck Like Glue.” Coach Sarah also turned for her and said Maite has a “classy voice,” but Maite chose to be with Camp Kawayan. 

Edray, meanwhile, is called fat in school and wanted to build more confidence by joining The Voice Kids. She is 13 and sang “Killing Me Softly.” 

Coach Sarah has two new additions to her team namely, Lee Marcelino, 11 and Rie Ito, 12. Lee is from Batangas and sang “Bulag, Pipi at Bingi” powerfully. Rie sang “Fire to the Rain” and Sarah turned for her because of her “nice vibratos.” 

Coach Lea also got two new voices on her team named Marianne Interino, 11 and Giedie Laroco, 13. 

Marianne is from Olongapo City and she sang “Luha.” Coach Lea turned for her because “ang ganda ng (kanyang) tono.” Giedie hails from Dagupan where she has singing gigs during weekends. 

Giedie is the night’s three-chair turner when she belted “The Power of Love.” She got a standing ovation from Coach Sarah and the coaches praised her “effortless and perfect” singing. In the end, Giedi chose to be under Coach Lea’s tutelage.