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Wendell Ramos and his remarkable stint as Raul on Wildflower

Mary Ann Bardinas January 12,2018 05:39 PM


Not all antagonists are consistently and typically vile and malevolent all throughout a hit teleserye. Just look at Raul Torillo, the on-and-off anti-hero portrayed by seasoned actor Wendell Ramos in the controversial primetime series Wildflower.


As we bid goodbye to the character we both loved and hated after his wife Emilia (Aiko Melendez) unintentionally gunned him down, let’s look back at the important and riveting scenes during his entire stint on the scintillating revenge drama.


As an unrequited lover




Despite being married to Emilia and having two children, Raul had been a notorious womanizer. One of his preys was Camia Cruz (Sunshine Cruz), a teacher and a tutor to his sons. His obsession with her was intense because albeit knowing she’s already a mother, she still pursued and tried to sexually assault her. He saved her from a murder attempt by his wife and kept Camia as a prisoner-slave in another town for a decade.


As a father





Raul’s relationship with his sons, especially to Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing), was not as tight as it should be. For their firstborn, he is a worthless patriarch to whom he never felt the tender loving care and looked as his Lolo Julio (Tirso Cruz III) as more of a father figure for him. On the other hand, his connection with Diego (Joseph Marco) continued to develop over time. He was able to give him love and life advice and saved him a number of chances from their ruthless and sadistic grandfather. However, as what all fathers terribly wish, Raul wants nothing more than seeing their family enjoy a harmonious relationship.


As a husband




He and Emilia had been together for a very long time. But their union was mocked mostly by Julio, who consistently believed that Raul was just tricking his daughter with his empty promises, and marred by various issues, usually caused by his tendency to be adulterous. While they have their ups and downs, Raul and Emilia still shared passionate and happy moments from time to time.


As a son in-law



Because he came from a lowly family, Raul was always despised and belittled by Don Julio. And when the latter couldn’t take the Ardiente patriarch’s insults anymore, he would not think twice hurting the domineering old man.


As an ally




Our unlikely villain is definitely the worst enemy one could ever face. But if he’s on your side, he could be the most loyal confidant you could ever have.


Even before, he’s been one of those who wanted to halt the wickedness of the Ardientes and willingly set alliances with groups or individuals with the same motives.


And his death could best signify it, as he showed his willingness to sacrifice himself just to carry out their plans and try saving others’ lives.


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