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WATCH: From Innocent Lily to Poisonous Ivy

Josa Pelayo March 17, 2017 06:28 PM

Wildflower has been heating up our afternoons with its riveting tale of vengeance and retribution. Top billed by Maja Salvador, the drama series revolves around Lily Cruz (Maja) whose sheltered, carefree life is shattered after she loses her parents at the hands of the rich and powerful Ardiente family. Her misery begins when her mother Camia (Sunshine Cruz) is sexually harassed by Raul Torillo (Wendell Ramos), the womanizing husband of then Mayor Emilia Ardiente (Aiko Melendez). Lily’s father, Atty. Dante Cruz, seeks to file charges against Raul, but he meets an untimely death after being summoned by Emilia. Soon after, Lily runs away from Poblacion Ardiente after finding her mother beaten and violated by the mayor’s men. Finding herself in grave danger as well, she flees to Manila where she meets the rich Prianka Aguas (Priscilla Meirelles) who takes her in. Under Prianka’s guidance, Lily trains in numerous fighting techniques, as well as business strategies, and transforms into the canny and alluring Ivy Aguas. Driven by hate and armed with years of harsh training, Ivy returns to Poblacion Ardiente to make the most powerful family in town pay for wrecking everything she had ever loved.

The Ardientes are about to find out that hell truly has no fury like a woman’s wrath. And as we await the fall of the ruthless Ardientes, let us first look back at Lily’s heart-rending transformation into the irresistible, but poisonous, Ivy.