See All the Cute Charmers from the Second Month of Little Big Shots! October 04, 2017 06:02 PM

Dwayne: This ventriloquist isn’t just a master of puppets, he’s also a master jokester!

Marielle: She can create beautiful drawings not with pencils, pens, or crayons, but with mud!

Yandrei: Nobody taught her to dance, but her dancing videos on Youtube has already tallied 9 million views!

Angel: She looks like an angel, she sings like an angel!

TJ: This fire dancer set the Little Big Shots stage ablaze with his hot number!

Benj: Walk the Dog, Around the World, Under the Leg—Benj has a big bag full of yoyo tricks!

Renzchy: He had everyone nervous when he balanced himself atop a very long pole—but Renzchy pulled it off!

Andrei: He has sick handles just like his idol, Kyrie Irving!

Gagan: This limbo skater is unbelievable—he skated under ten SUVs!

Paul: His favorite mode of transportation? One-wheelers!

VM: This talented table tennis player has already won medals in Palarong Pambansa and in international tournaments!

Alyza and Andrielle: These dance sport athletes swayed and sashayed across the Little Big Shots stage.

Carren: This cute Miley Cyrus doppelganger is just as talented as her look-alike!

Yuri and Clyde: The “Lectron Kids” lit up the stage with their futuristic performance!

Mackie, Keifer, and Francis: Each of these boys possess a powerful voice.

Kai-Kai: This little surfer can ride the big waves!

Keane: He held his own in a trick shots duel against the legendary Efren “Bata” Reyes!

Mikyla: She can solve equations with multiple big numbers fast—without the use of a pen and paper!

Carlo: This charming “hothead” will make you laugh nonstop!

Alexander: He can spell words you probably didn’t even know existed.

Jerome and Thea: The duo brought serious swag to the Little Big Shots stage!

Sophia: She can twist and turn her body among dinnerware without breaking anything!

Uno: This cute little charmer wants to be a star someday. He already shined big-time on Little Big Shots!

Dann: He can stand atop a speeding jet ski while driving it at the same time!

Brix: This artist can create beautiful images by using light.

George: This young magician is quite the showman!

Kean: He’s like a baby Steph Curry when it comes to shooting a basketball!

Jupel: This inspiring toymaker can create toys out of old slippers!

Top Tap Dancers: These kids are tops when it comes to tap dancing.

Julian: She’s small—and so cute—but terrible!

Vaughn: He can instantly solve math equations as if he was a human calculator!

Joshua: He flew across the sky on a trapeze!

Rovidel: This little rapper rapped about his love for his mom.

Sean: He’s a human Waze app—Sean knows how to give directions in different languages!

Lara: Is Pia Wurtzbach’s niece a future Ms. Universe?

Hoverboyz: These boys can dance while on a hoverboard!

In Little Big Shots, which is co-presented by OPPO, kids that’ll make you go “WOW” take center stage! They may be small, but they’re all big on cuteness, personality, and of course, talent! The Philippine version of the hit U.S. show has already featured dozens of children from all over the country, all with unique skills that will make you fall in love with them. See the charmers from the show’s second month in the gallery above.

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