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Emotions poured in Be Careful with My Heart’s finale episode

Gary Ann Lastrilla November 29,2014 03:28 AM
In Be Careful with My Heart’s finale episode, Manang Fe expressed how happy she is for the household helpers, Doris, Lea, Joma and Sabel, who announced her pregnancy.
Richard and Maya, who were still in the province, congratulated Sabel and thought that it is about time that they have another baby. Maya said that she will have more time for the kids now because of her new position at work.
The couple continued to reminisce their romantic moments and Maya discovered how much more Richard loves her. They recalled the first time they told each other, “I love you” to which Richard admitted to have done on purpose just so he could hear her say it. Further, he admitted kissing Maya’s wallpaper on his phone which had Maya giggling with joy.
Meanwhile at the Dela Rosa household, Teresita told Arturo how fulfilled she is that despite their struggles, they are still together as a family. Arturo whispered something to Teresita that made her emotional as they hugged each other tightly. Kute and Cho caught them and they all started tickling each other.
Back to the Lim couple, Maya wondered if they would still meet should the “bagoong” bottle did not roll. Richard, believing that they are destined to be together, told her instances where they would still do.
Back in Manila, Maya told the kids that she already knew about their planned birthday party for her. However, she still got surprised to see her whole family, friends and workmates in her 30th birthday celebration. Special people who have been part of her life were there.
Teresita, Kute, Abby and Richard were emotional as they give their messages for the birthday girl. Maya, in tears, said that even though they will not see each other soon, they will always be in her heart.
Kute and Maya sang the “Kapit-Bisig” song. The whole households of the Lim and the Dela Rosas came onstage and joined in singing, as well.
Meanwhile in Be Careful’s Global-Kapit Bisig Day, Richard and Maya, in behalf of the whole cast, thanked everyone for supporting the show and owe it to the televiewers their accomplishments. ABS CBN Channel Head Cory Vidanes and TV Production Head Laurenti Dyogi congratulated them onstage while the people behind the show were acknowledged as well.
Wala na kaming ibang masasabi kung hindi nagpapasalamat lang talaga kami, taos puso kaming nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng mga taong sumuporta at tumangkilik sa Be Careful with My Heart. Kung naging inspirasyon po kami sa inyo, naging inspirasyon din po kayo sa amin,” said Jodi Sta. Maria who played the role of Maya.
Meanwhile, Richard Yap who played Ser Chief’s role said, “Maraming salamat nga sa lahat ng sumuporta sa amin but this is not goodbye. This is the beginning of something new and something better, I’m sure. Who knows, magkita-kita kami ulit so we’ll see you soon.”