Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo

Andrea Agoncillo

Andeng is a successful events organizer and she works hard to support her big, happy family in Batangas.

She was about to get married but she broke it off when she caught her fiancé cheating on her.

Despite her misgivings on love, Andeng still falls in love with the dashing CEO and single father Antonio Noble the IV.

Far from her ideal situation, Andeng will brave loving a man who has an ex-wife and three children. What more, he is almost 20 years her senior.

All for the love of Anton, Andeng will face the conflicts of being the second wife and finding her place in a blended family. 

Ian Veneracion

Ian Veneracion

Antonio “Anton” Noble IV

Anton juggles being a CEO and a mother and father to his children. This has been his situation since his then wife Grace decided to leave him and have their marriage annulled.

Despite his fears of failing in another relationship, Anton falls in love with the charming and young (almost 20 years his junior) events planner Andrea Agoncillo.

In his fight for their love, Anton will have to make hard decisions that may jeopardize his relationship with his children and may even put to test the love he has for Andeng.

Iza Calzado

Iza Calzado

Grace Silverio

Grace, who comes from a moneyed family, used to be a devoted wife and mother, until she left her children and husband some two years ago.

Now Grace has finally found herself again and she is back to reconnect with her children. In order to win back their affection, she also needs the forgiveness and acceptance of her ex-husband Anton.

But she questions herself if the children are all she really wants now that she sees her family (and her ex-husband) in the care of Anton’s second wife Andrea Agoncillo.

Juan Karlos Labajo

Juan Karlos Labajo

Lucas Noble

Lucas is a musician like his Dad Anton Noble IV, everything else he got from his Mom Grace. Lucas is his Mom’s son through and through. It was her hands that took care of him; it was her mind that nourished his young mind. It was also her heart and pain he saw when the marriage of his parents was crumbling.

At first, Lucas rebelled when their Mom left them. But then he sees how hard Anton was trying to fix past mistakes and make it up to them as a father. Maybe, he thinks, one day Mom will see these changes and they will become a family again.

And then the unthinkable happens; Anton falls for a young events organizer named Andrea Agoncillo. How will Lucas cope with the presence of an intruder in their lives, someone who is making sure that their family will never be whole again.

Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto

Chloe Noble

Chloe has always been perfect—she excels in school, in ballet and being the daughter of the illustrious couple Anton and Grace Noble IV.

But things haven’t been easy on Chloe ever since her Mom left them and she took on the role of being the woman of the house (Ate/Mom to her siblings and supportive daughter to her busy Dad).

Albeit the hardships, she still plans on being the fiercest protector of her family and that includes making sure that the presence of Andeng in their lives will be good for all of them.

Enchong Dee

Enchong Dee

Andrew Agoncillo

Andrew is a para-triathlete and since 14 years old, he has lived with his father’s first family.

Since then, he has always wanted to be part of the Agoncillo family and he will do his best to fulfill his promise to his Dad before he died-- take care of his half-sister Andeng and his stepmom Baby.

In order to do this, Andrew decides to better himself and go back to College. But in his journey to be of service to his adoptive family, he instead makes things worse for Andeng.

Andrew will meet Sari and with her maybe his hopes to have a family to call his own will be realized.

Tirso Cruz III

Tirso Cruz III

Antonio “Tony” Noble III

Tony Noble is a self-made man from very poor roots and he is a renowned scientist.

He values excellence, traditions, family and good old-fashioned hard work. This is how he brought up his only son Anton Noble the IV.

For him, he cannot just look on as Anton makes a mess of his marriage, his kids’ life, his professional life and then cap everything off by marrying a very young events organizer.  

How far will Tony go to rein in his son and what will he learn in his bid to impose his values on his sons’ life?

Ronnie Alonte

Ronnie Alonte

Tupe Dimayuga

Tupe dreams of giving a better life for his struggling but happy family.  Tupe studies hard and he takes on various part-time jobs just so he could help his family.

And then he meets Chloe Noble, a seemingly bratty rich girl who begins spoiling things for him, not only in the love department but also as a scholar and a student assistant in the University.

But Chloe, he later finds out, is not as shallow as she looks. She shows him the real meaning of commitment as she helps him achieve his goals.

But what if Chloe turns out to be the love that he’s looking for? Is commitment enough for him to be accepted in her world?