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What's In The Box with Yassi Pressman

Isabelle Francez Raymundo September 11, 2018 12:26 AM

“’Pag ako natakot, papahanap ko kayo kay Cardo,” she joked before starting. But even if we heeded her warning, the box sees all as prey.

Alyana is a tough woman braving the world of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Her life has been put on the line in more than one occasion. And we have no doubt that Yassi Pressman is just as tough as her on-screen persona, especially after the first round of What’s In The Box.

“Pinagpapawisan ako,” she confessed. Honestly, we are too just by watching this. The actress’ sudden reactions are also making us scream. She had already guessed they were worms a few seconds in, but she decided to double check. Sure enough, after actually picking one up, Yassi wore a victorious smile on her face.

The next two items were a coconut which she thought would bite her, and a dragon fruit that apparently felt like a frog. Check out this Entertainment Exclusive to find out if she can conquer her fear and guess these items correctly!