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Cardo, itinakas ang nag-aagaw buhay na Presidente September 11, 2018 09:24 PM

As President Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago) and his family move to escape, they are faced with more armed men and eventually get shot inside the vehicle. Having come after them, Cardo (Coco Martin) finds the car and checks on the family, shocked to find them all unconscious. However, the President suddenly stirs which gives him hope and without a moment to lose, he takes him on his motorcycle to escape.

Meanwhile, Vice President Lucas Cabrera (Edu Manzano) faces Police Director Terante (Soliman Cruz) and asks him about President Hidalgo. Terante reports that the President is missing and adds that his men spotted Vendetta on the scene; suspecting that they were also targeting the President and might have already taken him. Lucas reminds him to finish the job and make sure the head of the country dies.

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