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Ang Probinsyano: Gustavo, binigyan ng anniversary gift si Madonna February 08, 2019 10:27 PM

Madonna (Ivana Alawi) continues to lure Gustavo (Eddie Garcia) as part of her schemes of stealing the treasures hidden in the mansion. She also plans to leave Gustavo for good once she receives the diamonds he promised her.

Unknown to Madonna, Gustavo is beginning to become suspicious of her; thinking she may be having a secret affair with Gascon (Ryan Eigenman). Despite his doubts, Gustavo still showers his love with gifts. 

Gustavo gives Madonna a beautiful and elegant necklace. She is delighted to see the expensive piece of jewelry. To her surprise, Gustavo tells her that it is an anniversary gift. She is a bit startled but tries her best to hide her shortcoming of not taking note of their special day. Madonna asks if she could give her gift later that night instead.

Gustavo agrees but still with a slight expression of skepticism, adds that the jewelry is also his gift of appreciation for Madonna’s ‘loyalty.’

Madonna simply rides on what Gustavo says. ”Of course, Darling! I will always be loyal to you!”, she replies. 

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