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Ang Probinsyano: Cardo at Alyana, dinalaw ang puntod ng kanilang anak March 13, 2019 10:03 PM

Loaded in a jeepney borrowed from a friend, Cardo (Coco Martin) and the Vendetta begin in their mission to save Diana (Angel Aquino) and Bubbles (Bianca Manalo) from Renato (John Arcilla) and Homer (Jhong Hilario). 

Alyana (Yassi Pressman) requests Cardo for a quick visit at her parents’ house; and at Lola Flora’s (Susan Roces) as well just to make sure that they are safe. But Cardo refuses to give in, knowing that their family’s lives would be put in more danger as soon as they found out that the Vendetta is back in the city. 

Alyana accepts Cardo’s decision but begs him to visit their son’s grave at the cemetery instead.

Alyana and Cardo look at each other as they feel their pain and heartache. Standing at their son’s grave, Alyana grabs Cardo’s arm as she sheds tears and asks for Ricky Boy’s forgiveness for their failure to visit him often. Alyana tells her son that a lot of wicked people are running after them and trying to stop their fight for justice.

Cardo says sorry to Ricky Boy for not being able to get even with Homer (Jhong Hilario), the man behind the bombing incident which took Ricky Boy’s life. Cardo tells his son that aside from hunting down the evil people who continuously kill innocent lives, his group also desires to help the country get back up from its current bad state. 

While the Vendetta are on their way out of the cemetery, Lily (Lorna Tolentino) is at the other side of the area as well; clueless of the danger tailing her. 

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