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Ang Probinsyano: Vendetta, iniligtas sa kamatayan si Lily March 14, 2019 09:23 PM

As the Vendetta takes the first steps into their next mission, Alyana (Yassi Pressman) requests Cardo (Coco Martin) to have a quick visit at their son’s grave. Alyana observes the sorrow in Cardo’s face. She consoles her husband and asks him to stop blaming himself for their child’s death. Alyana is certain, too that their fight for righteousness and justice will be easier as soon as Oscar (Rowell Santiago) returns at the palace. 

While the Vendetta are on their way out of the cemetery, Brandon’s (Mark Anthony Fernandez) men led by Gapuz (Raph Fernandez) and Pantig (Pocholo Baretto) are on the other side of the area preparing to attack and kill Lily (Lorna Tolentino) who just paid a visit to her late parents as well.

Lily’s driver notices a convoy tailing them and tries to escape from the imminent danger but to no avail. Gapuz and Pantig’s vehicle blocks Lily’s and they immediately kill her security personnel; leaving the woman alone.

Gapuz drags Lily out of her car and pushes her off the ground. Down on her knees, Lily cries in fear and begs for her life. Lily admits making a lot of mistakes in her works for Lucas (Edu Manzano) but she vows to make it up to him.

Gapuz and Pantig are determined to adhere to Brandon’s orders and suggests Lily to start praying instead for her soul.

As the Vendetta approaches the scene, Alyana is alert to see the group of men aiming their weapons at Lily. The Vendetta quickly moves out of of their vehicle and Cardo gets the criminals’ attention by shouting at them. 

Pantig tries to shoot Cardo; igniting the battle. The Vendetta exchanges gunshots with Gapuz and Pantig’s group and manages to kill all the enemies.

The Vendetta carefully approaches Lily who is both dumbfounded and crying in fear. 

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