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Ang Probinsyano: Homer, napaisip sa pagbubuntis ni Bubbles March 14, 2019 09:27 PM

Bubbles (Bianca Manalo) secretly listens to Homer (Jhong Hilario) and Renato’s (John Arcilla) conversation and finds out their plans of killing Diana (Angel Aquino). She runs to Diana’s room and screams her warning; relaying to Diana what she heard.

Homer is outraged with Bubble’s actions and her loyalty to Diana. He calls her a traitor for pretending her fake allegiance with him. 

Bubbles begs Homer to spare Diana from death and vows to love him again in return. But Homer is not moved with even just a little compassion, rather, Bubble’s pleas have just brought him more fury. As a punishment, he starts beating her up.

Homer does not want to give up on Bubbles and still believes that she will go back to her old self anytime soon. Bringing a set of meal, Homer comes inside the room and sees Bubbles crying incessantly.

He demands Bubbles to stand up and stop shedding tears but she simply opens up her concern about Diana again; igniting Homer’s anger. Homer screams in wrath and orders Bubbles to eat her food. 

Out of fear, Bubbles obliges to Homer’s demands but she quickly dashes to the bathroom and starts to throw up. 

Homer tries to analyze the cause of Bubble’s vomiting and thinks of the possibility that she may be pregnant.

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