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Ang Probinsyano: Lily, natakot nang makilala ang Vendetta March 14, 2019 09:31 PM

Lucas (Edu Manzano) discovered Lily’s (Lorna Tolentino) plans of leaving the country and her dishonest disclosure of the amount she collects from the mafia leaders under the administration’s protection. He, then, decides to silence Lily by putting her to death.

Brandon (Mark Anthony Fernandez) is confident that his men, led by Gapuz (Raph Fernandez) and Pantig (Pocholo Baretto) will accomplish his orders. But he only gets reprimanded and punched by his own father after he fails in his task. Lucas and his allies wonder who saved Lily and where she is hiding at the moment. Renato (John Arcilla) thinks of the possibility that Lily may expose the Cabrera administration’s anomalies once she decides to speak up. 

Unknown to Lucas, Lily is under the Vendetta’s care after they faced Gapuz and Pantig’s group and spared Lily from danger. As she talks to the Vendetta, Lily claims that she does not have any clue of the killers’ identity and the reason why they were after her.

She thanks the Vendetta for their help and gets surprised as she sees Oscar (Rowell Santiago) from the cluster of men. Lily examines the faces of the men who saved her and realizes that they are the vigilante group hunted by the law.

Fear and shock are all over Lily’s face and upon Delfin’s (Jaime Fabregas) suggestion, she excuses herself to take a rest. 

Oscar and the Vendetta exchange looks and begins to wonder who Lily is. 

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