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Ang Probinsyano: Lily, gagamitin ang Vendetta sa kanyang plano kay Lucas March 15, 2019 10:33 PM

Through the help of Vendetta, Lily (Lorna Tolentino) manages to escape from the hands of death. She wakes up into a new day under the Vendetta’s care. But instead of having a little sense of gratitude for saving her, Lily still decides to use the Vendetta in her plans. 

She is aware that Lucas (Edu Manzano) wants to kill her but she still wants to regain his trust; and she believes this would be easier by using the Vendetta as bait. 

The Vendetta talks about Lily and wonders who she is and why a group of policemen were running after her. The group is divided as some pity her while others think of the possibility that Lily may be a criminal. 

Lily, who is quietly listening to the Vendetta’s conversation, suddenly comes of out of the room to defend herself and vanish the group’s skepticism against her. She introduces herself as just an ordinary businesswoman and the policemen were forcing her to give protection money. Lily adds that the men tried to kill her maybe due to her resistance to give in to their request.

The Vendetta asks Lily to stay with them for the mean time but she insists going home already as her family might be worried of her. The vigilante group, then, decides to drop her home later that day.

Lily covers her face with innocence to gain the Vendetta’s sympathy. She pretends to be grateful for the Vendetta’s help and even expresses the desire to return their kindness.

While eating together, Lily opens up her curiosity on why Oscar (Rowell Santiago) is with the Vendetta who is considered as rebels. Oscar shares that just like Lily, he was also spared by the Vendetta from death. He slightly tackles little details about their plans which includes taking the Presidency back from Lucas. 

Lily plays along the Vendetta and acts like she is concerned. To make her appear more believable, Lily even criticizes Lucas and his kind of leadership.

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