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Ang Probinsyano: Homer, nakumpirma ang pagbubuntis ni Bubbles March 15, 2019 10:37 PM

Bubbles (Bianca Manalo) starts showing signs of pregnancy such as morning sickness. Homer (Jhong Hilario) asks her to take a home test to confirm the possibility.

He opens the door and sees Bubbles crying incessantly. Upon confirming that the test showed positive results, Homer comes near Bubbles and pulls her hair; jealous and skeptical on the unborn child’s real father.

Still shedding tears, Bubbles yells at Homer and says she is dismayed at the fact that the baby belongs to Homer but she can no longer do anything but accept the situation. Bubbles expresses her rage by pushing Homer away. 

Homer begins to feel furious and is about to hurt Bubbles when the latter threatened him about the child; forcing Homer to keep his hands away from her.

Homer dashes out of the room and catches Renato (John Arcilla) drinking a few glasses of alcohol. Renato expresses his regrets that Diana (Angel Aquino) simply dismissed the second chance he has given her. He also opens up about Bubbles, saying the girl seems useless as well.

Renato briefs Homer of his plans to use Diana and Bubbles as baits against the Vendetta.

Now that he has already confirmed that Bubbles is carrying his child, Homer requests Renato to simply leave Bubbles to him. Homer says Bubbles is important to him.

Renato reminds Homer that Bubbles may just be a distraction. And since Diana and Bubbles have already managed to get a handful of information about their group, the two women can already be dispatched anytime soon. Renato turns his back to leave while Homer is left thinking of Bubbles and her pregnancy.

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