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Ang Probinsyano: Gina, gumawa ng paraan para mapalapit sa Vendetta April 15, 2019 10:31 PM

Councilor Gina (Mitch Valdes) is disappointed and feels envious upon reading the news about the Vendetta’s appointment in the government and police force. Her team encourages her to simply act friendly and warm towards the Vendetta in order to have just a little share of their luck. However, Gina plans to continue doing her illegal activities while working in secret to abolish the Vendetta’s presence in their neighborhood. She calls her schemes as “Oplan Eviction”.

At the de Leon residence, the Vendettas are full of excitement about the start of their police trainings and wake up earlier than usual to prepare breakfast. Cardo (Coco Martin) joins his family and friends; and receives words of praises and amusement as he comes out wearing his old SAF uniform.

Lola Flora (Susan Roces) is beaming with delight as she sees her beloved grandson looking every inch a dignified policeman again. Cardo feels a bit shy with everyone’s admiration and says he has already grown unaccustomed to putting on his policeman attire and gearing up for work.

Jerome (John Prats) and the former CIDG officers arrive to fetch Cardo and the other Vendetta members. Lola Flora and her family are all smiles as they watch the Vendetta leave the house for work.

The Vendettas are already off to the camp when Gina and her entourage catch them outside. Gina puts on her mask again and boldly pries on the Vendetta’s newest mission. Cardo shares that they are about to train in preparation for their vocation as policemen.

Gina acts friendly and even shakes hands with Cardo while praising the Vendetta for their heroism. As soon as the Vendettas turn their backs, Gina orders her team to still pursue their shady plans.

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