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Ang Probinsyano: Victor, tuloy ang paghahanap kay Renato April 15, 2019 10:34 PM

Renato (John Arcilla) manages to escape from his encounter with Police Major Victor Basco’s (Raymart Santiago) troop and is now under the care of his friend, Lazaro (Gardo Versoza). In order to unwind a bit, Lazaro takes Renato to a casino where the latter accidentally bumps unto a government official named Mr. Javier, one of his and Lucas’ (Edu Manzano) allies.

Javier is invited at the Camp Crame for an interrogation with Victor and his team. Javier denies having close ties with Lucas and claims that his dismissal from the money laundering case he faced did not happen due to Lucas’ aid but simply because he was innocent. Javier was asked if he has recently seen or met with Renato; to which he denies. Although, he admits extending support to Renato when the latter ran for senator in the last elections. 

Meanwhile, Renato and Lazaro find out that Javier is currently at the camp and being questioned by the authorities. Later on, Javier receives a call from Renato, warning him to never speak up about their past allegiance or his whereabouts.

Back at the CIDG office, Victor’s men suggest looking for another Cabrera administration benefactor who may help them gather enough lead to trace Renato. However, Victor shows off his sternness as he instructs his men to keep on tailing behind Javier as he knows that the latter is just covering up the truth. One of his subordinates opens up the possibility that Javier may really be clueless regarding Renato’s whereabouts; but Victor remains firm in his orders.

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