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Ang Probinsyano: Cardo, kinastigo ang mga pulis na may kinalaman sa iligal na droga May 14, 2019 10:41 PM

As part of their first mission of clearing the PNP’s reputation, the PACTF led by Cardo (Coco Martin) encounters a kidnapping case involving a young girl and a group of cops as the main suspects. The PACTF secretly tails behind the kidnappers until the latter are caught and have nowhere to go. Cardo orders the wicked cops to come out and surrender.

Later on, the PACTF conducts a buy-bust operation in the slum area where they spot a group of civilians engaging in a pot session. The team heads to a residential house. Ramil (Michael de Mesa) knocks on the door and gives the secret passcode that convinces the drug dealer to let him in.

Ramil knocks down the cop who opened the door. Cardo leads his group upstairs and they catch three other police, still in their uniforms, aweing themselves in the huge amount of spoils and tons of illegal drugs. One of the cops shares his plans of renovating his own house through the collected money while the other one says he would splurge on women.

The felons’ laughter and conversation are cut short upon the PACTF’s arrival. The suspects still attempt to take out their guns but they eventually decided to surrender in fear of Cardo who is determined of shooting them down once they fight back.

The arrested cops lie on the ground face down while Cardo gives them a lecture about their roles as police officers. Cardo is extremely appalled to discover that the authorities who 

At the end of the operations, Cardo faces a group of reporters to answer several questions. Cardo relates that they have captured four policemen and several civilians, while ensuring not to involve ordinary citizens in the process. 

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