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Ang Probinsyano: Victor, ipinangako ang pagbagsak ni Renato May 15, 2019 09:50 PM

The hunt for Renato (John Arcilla) becomes intensified after he managed to escape form an encounter with the cops. President Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago) gathers Delfin (Jaime Fabregas), Diana (Angel Aquino), General dela Cruz (Rey Malonzo), and Major Basco (Raymart Saniago) for a short discourse at the palace.
Oscar has two perspectives on the recent shoot-out between Renato and the authorities. He looks as it as a good sign that Renato has finally come out of his hideout, making the search for him a lot easier. But, he also considers the fact that Renato may still be up to something dangerous.

Delfin is dismayed at the death of one police officer shot by Renato amidst the encounter. More so, he can’t imagine innocent civilians getting caught in the current situation.

As part of their search, Diana suggests disseminating information across the country and coordinating with until the smallest barangay to make the public fully aware of the harm Renato could bring.

Major dela Cruz reports the CIDG’s cooperation with all units of the PNP. They have put up random check-points around the city. On the other hand, Major Basco assures that he will fulfill his promise of catching Renato.

Oscar says he’s counting on the entire security force, hoping that the PNP’s search for Renato alongside the PACTF’s mission of clearing out the police force will bring quick positive results in the country’s peace and order.

Meanwhile, Renato is left without the aid of his powerful allies. He is now hiding in a slum area and relying on the help of a random dweller who was easily bribed with a good amount of money.

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