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Ang Probinsyano: Alex, pinuri ang unang misyon ng grupo ni Cardo May 15, 2019 09:52 PM

The PACTF, otherwise known as Task Force Agila, has shown good performance in their series of first missions. First, they were able to seize a group of cops engaging in a kidnap for ransom scheme and successfully saved the victim. They also captured several civilians and policemen involved in illegal drug activities; and caught uniformed men showing disobedience to duty.

At the headquarters, Major Alex Romero (Denise Laurel) face noticeably lightens up upon the sight of Cardo (Coco Martin). But, Alex begins to feel uncomfortable as she eavesdrops on the PACTF’s conversation and hears them mention Alyana’s (Yassi Pressman) name several times.

Alex hears Billy (John Medina) and Jerome (John Prats) talk about paying a visit at Cardo and Alyana’s house that night. Cardo feels hesitant at first, saying their abode is too small for all of them. But, he eventually gives in to his friends’ persuasion.

Alex can’t contain her desires of having an encounter with Cardo. She calls him over for a short discussion at her table. Alex simply commends Cardo and the entire Task Force Agila for the notable performance. She adds that Cardo’s performance seems very impressive and he is living up to all the good things she hears about him. Yet, she wants to witness Cardo’s leadership skills first hand.

Still, Cardo shows humility by saying he doesn’t like to take all the credits as the group’s success is drawn out from their collective efforts.

Alex cuts their conversation and reminds Cardo to take care on his way home. Her mood lights up again as Cardo shows friendly concern as well.

Meanwhile, the members of Task Force Agila decides to drop by at Cardo’s house that night for a few drinks to celebrate their successful mission.

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