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Ang Probinsyano: Lazaro, inalok ng tulong si Lily laban kay Renato May 15, 2019 10:28 PM

At the palace, General dela Cruz (Rey Malonzo) volunteers the Task Force Agila’s help in Major Basco’s (Raymart Santiago) mission of hunting down Renato (John Arcilla). Yet, Basco assures his superior of his team’s abilities and says he would manage to get Renato from his hideout.

Meanwhile, Lily (Lorna Tolentino) watches the news about Renato’s successful escape from his encounter with the cops. Still according to the report, all units of the PNP are now doing intensified search for Renato.

Lily almost forgot that she still has one trouble to deal with until she chances upon the report about Renato. She knows Renato will never stop until he takes his revenge on her, yet, Lily knows she can’t afford losing everything she has at the moment – her powers, wealth, and connection to the President. So, Lily decides to look for Renato as soon as possible before he’s able to make any move against her.

While thinking of her plans about Renato, Lily receives a call from Lazaro; offering his help in defeating Renato.

At his hideout, Lazaro talks to Cedric (Ivan Carapiet) and informs him that Lily has agreed to a personal meeting. Lazaro looks forward to the day of hitting two birds with one stone. First, he anticipates pushing Renato down into a pit of doom and at the same time, being allies with someone powerful like Lily.

Lazaro believes Lily would soon be indebted to him. He plans of using Lily’s powers in the process; but, unknown to him, Lily is about to use him as well.  

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