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Ang Probinsyano: Domengsu, ginulat ang lahat sa kanyang pagsasayaw May 23, 2019 01:44 AM

Domengsu (Empoy Marquez) lined up for an audition as a dancer/entertainer in a gay bar which, unknown to him, is a secret spot of rampant illegal transactions. Earlier that day, the club manager, Mamu (Mel Martinez) scrutinized the group of newly hired dancers and got shocked upon seeing Domengsu among the bunch. 

Domengsu became a laughing stock and received insulting remarks from Mamu who called him unqualified based on physical appearance and body-built. Still, knowing that they are up for a big night later on and they are expecting a massive flock of customers, Mamu accepted Domengsu’s application. 

Mamu briefed his employees and instructs them to flirt as much as they could in order to entice the customers and sell more drugs. Bigger sales equates to a bigger commission, Mamu said.

On the hour of the big night, Domengsu resists in selling the packs of cocaine handed to him. Instead, he gives the drugs to a fellow dancer who gladly accepts it in return. Basing on the level of attractiveness, Domengsu is supposed to be the last performer on cue. However, the dancer before him suddenly felt ill and the management has no choice but to give him the next spot.

The customers’ glee fades away after seeing Domengsu appear on stage. He becomes an instant subject of mockery as he shows off his dancing. After his performance, Domengsu is seen sharing a table with the female members of the task force. According to Domengsu, he is simply there to fulfill his aspirations of becoming an actor since the bar is often flanked by film producers and directors. 

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