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Ang Probinsyano: Task Force Agila, nagtagumpay sa kanilang drug buy bust operation May 23, 2019 01:45 AM

Task Force Agila’s second mission is to conduct a drug buy bust operations in a gay club that serves as a secret place for illegal drug transactions. Several members of the task force auditioned beforehand as entertainers or dancers while others, including Cardo (Coco Martin) disguised as customers. 

While watching the show, Cardo’s cluster observes the patrons’ extravagance, and the buy and selling tactic rampant in the place. After the customers tuck in paper bills inside the dancer’s shorts or underwear, they take packs of illegal drugs from the latter’s pocket. 

The faux entertainers receive the items to be sold and come up on stage for their performance. Then, Cardo gets up from his seat upon noticing that two men went inside Mamu’s (Mel Martinez) office. This signals the other cops to be on their toes and roam around the place as well.

The task force scatters around to start the raid. Some of them are delegated inside the dressing room, others in the bathroom area and several in the backstage. The lady cops who shared a table with Domengsu (Empoy Marquez) arrest the latter despite his claims of being clueless of the club’s illegal activities.

The reinforcement form the PNP arrives; putting the entire club into a commotion. Cardo opens the door to Mamu’s (Mel Martinez) office and finds his loyal patrons using drugs on the spot. The task force commander gets more furious as the suspect insists his power and protection from certain government officials. Adhering to the call of his duty, Cardo arrests Mamu and his entire team despite the warnings he receives.   

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