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Ang Probinsyano: Victor, napaisip sa kinaroroonan ni Renato May 23, 2019 09:54 PM

Renato (John Arcilla) decides to leave the slum area after finding out that cops are  there to hunt him. He is blocked by Joma, a resident whom he promised a good amount of bribe in exchange of protection. Renato loses his cool as the man insists in getting his payment; and he fires a bullet causing the latter’s death.

One of Basco’s (Raymart Santiago) men quickly traces the gun shot. Unfortunately, all he arrives at is the victim’s lifeless body.

Renato continues to walk away and he chances upon a group of drunk men. He accidentally bumps unto one of the drinkers who boldly dares him into a brawl. Renato pulls out his gun and frightens the men.

One resident comes in rescue and hits Renato with a timber. Renato falls off the ground and gets beaten up. The next scene shows Renato lying unconscious and with bruises all over his face.

At the headquarters, Basco and his team tackle the incident of Joma’s death. The CCTV footage shows Renato walking around the slum area; hence, Basco’s conclusion that Renato killed the man who turns out to be an ex-convict.

More so, Basco assumes that Renato lost over a more powerful opponent and is left without a choice but to hide in a depressed area without any ally. Basco instructs his men to double their time looking for Renato and take advantage of his vulnerability.

Meanwhile, Renato regains consciousness and finds his gun missing. He sits in a corner looking every inch furious and frustrated. Renato beats up a random resident and take the latter’s cap for his disguise.

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