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Ang Probinsyano: Domengsu, papasok bilang asset ng Task Force Agila May 23, 2019 09:58 PM

At the precinct, Domengsu (Empoy Marquez) denies his involvement in the drug transactions in a gay club recently raided by the Task Force Agila. Domengsu claims he simply auditioned as an entertainer in hopes that a director or producer may spot him on stage.

Billy (John Medina) says Domengsu’s narrative appears believable and they’ve observed his actions during the team’s undercover mission as well. However, they still have to wait for Cardo’s (Coco Martin) decision as whether to release or detain him.

Domengsu is introduced to Cardo and he immediately begs the latter to help him in his case. Domengsu narrates that he resigned from his job at a fireworks factory in Bulacan and decided to head off to Manila to become an actor. He said he was just looking for the Pinoy Big Brother house when he chanced upon the long lines of auditionees outside the gay bar, so, he tried his luck as well.

Cardo receives Billy’s confirmation of Domengsu’s statements and he seeks for his teammates’ suggestions. Chikoy (Michael Roy Jornales) jokingly asks Domengsu to stop searching for the PBB house; after all, he will just get kicked out.

Billy tells Cardo to just take Domengsu in to spare him from wandering off the streets. Mark (Lester Llansang ) suggests using Domengsu as an asset since the latter’s innocence is akin to that of Benny’s (Pepe Herrera).

Domengsu finds out that an asset is a person who disguises and gives the cops a go signal to penetrate in the operations. He gets delighted after realizing that an asset works just like an actor who changes character every now and then. Domengsu willingly accepts the Task Force’s offer; and requests for food and place to stay in.

Cardo says Domengsu still needs to pass a series of tests. But, for the meantime, he orders Domengsu to serves as the office’s cleaner first.

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