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Ang Probinsyano: Alex, muling pinuri ang galing ni Cardo May 23, 2019 10:01 PM

Alex (Denise Laurel) arrives at the headquarters and receives everyone’s greetings. She immediately calls over Cardo (Coco Martin) for a short discussion at her desk area. Alex congratulates Cardo for a job well done in the Task Force’s recent drug buy bust operations; and his impressive strategies as a team leader. She says she had fun going on an undercover mission after a long while.

In return, Cardo also acknowledges his teammates’ skills and the collective effort they all poured in to make the mission successful. He also praises Alex’s good fighting skills.

While Alex and Cardo are having their conversation, several members of the Task Force talk about Alex’s bewitching beauty and tough abilities; and her sudden change of attitude. According to the group, Alex has transformed from a ferocious lion to an angel.

Cardo’s friends start getting doubtful on Alex’s constant conversations with Cardo. They begin to suspect that their superior has already developed a crush on their team leader.  Bulate (Bassilyo) smells trouble once Alyana (Yassi Pressman) finds out. Ramil (Michael de Mesa) orders his teammates to cut the gossip and focus on their works instead.

Meanwhile, Isabelle (Louise Gertrude) gets Tricia’s (Stacey Gabriel) attention and asks her to observe Alex’s gestures towards Cardo. She teases Tricia of running out of time as Alex seems to be moving faster than her in getting Cardo’s attention. Tricia dismisses her friend’s malicious advice and claims that she is simply admiring Cardo’s character. Yet, obvious discomfort and hints of jealousy are seen in Tricia’s face.

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