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Friday 5: 5 most 'kilig' kissing scenes of Anna Vida and Adrian that captured our hearts July 13, 2018 12:03 AM

"Opposites do attract" is apparently a cliché concept among the series and movies we've ever watched and the prose we've ever read.

However, there is something that makes JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial's team up stand out among the on-screen couples we fervently ship. Although theirs is said to be unlikely, they were able to develop unmistakable chemistry as Adrian and Michelle, or even as themselves behind-the-camera.

As the scenes in the afternoon soap opera Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi grow more intense and nerve-wracking each day, their characters' romance is getting deeper and exciting at the same time.

From being mere strangers, whose connection turned into client-agent, Adrian and Michelle (a.k.a. Anna Vida) are now officially a couple that many pine to break. But, they remained true to their feelings for each other and even more stronger, which can be validated by these kilig-inducing scenes:

First Kiss

Michelle incessantly nagged Adrian regarding how much he clings to others' perception of him as an evil person and enumerated his good deeds. Overwhelmingly annoyed, he was left with no choice but to shut her mouth up with a smooch. 

Rainy Day Kiss

With the heavy downpour outside and the grumbling thunder, what's a better way to spend and heat up the night than to have an intimate moment with your beau. Right, Adrian and Mich?

Accidental Kiss

We are not sure if our beloved leading man was just being gentleman by trying to help his fair lady buckle up, or it was a part of his smooth "da moves" in order to score a kiss from her. What do you think? 

Confirmatory Kiss

After playing "patintero ng feelings" for a long time, our new favorite love team is now officially an item and sealed their declaration of feelings with a kiss. 

Kiss of Assurance

Since their relationship is just fresh, Adrian and Michelle, now Anna Vida, seemed to be very clingy with each other. Thus, before getting separated to work on their respective duties and after exchanging words of affirmation, Adrian showered his "boss" with pecks on her cheek.

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