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Kapamilya Toplist: 15 intense confrontations of Mich and Tanya over Adrian's love in PHR: Araw Gabi

Krista Baldono October 08, 2018 11:47 PM

Mich (Barbie Imperial) and Tanya (Phoebe Walker) have always clashed from the very start. Why wouldn’t they if they are both into the same man?

When Mich met Adrian (JM De Guzman), Tanya was already in his life. For Tanya, Adrian is her best friend, and she would expect nothing else than going the next level. She was crazy, madly, deeply in love with the handsome Adrian. However, it seemed like he did not felt the same way about Tanya. Still, it did not matter to her if Adrian doesn’t show much affection to her. So when Mich came along and she saw how she caught Adrian’s attention, Tanya went all out in stressing to Mich that Adrian is off limits.

But no matter how Tanya tried to erase Mich out of the picture and get Adrian all to herself, she still could not separate the two. It was undeniable how Mich and Adrian loved each other. And since Adrian was not really Tanya’s in the first place, Mich learned how to fight for her man.

Seeing how Adrian cares for Mich, Tanya was even more furious when she came to know that Mich is Anna Vida De Alegre. Tanya saw that Mich is not only her rival for the man she loves, but also her adversary in inheriting the riches of the De Alegre family.

When all these happened simultaneously, including Mich being in an official relationship with Adrian, Tanya became even more insecure with Mich. Being spoiled by her mom Celestina (Vina Morales) all her life, she did everything to pester Mich’s life in a harsh and creative way.

But of course, everything has to come to an end. Tanya eventually grew tired of being such a spoiled brat. When she learned that Mich has all the rights to their family’s inheritance, along with discovering all the lies of her mom, Tanya slowly changed and became a good person. She started helping out Mich and Adrian in every possible way. Tanya also found the courage to admit all the cruelty she did and asked them all for forgiveness, especially Mich who forgave her out the kindness of her heart.

True enough, everyone deserves a second chance. And Tanya chose this for herself, right before she goes out of chances. Looking at how much she has changed now, we can all see how far she is from the Tanya she once was before.

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