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Kapamilya Toplist: 20 Love-Hate Moments of Nica and Red in PHR Presents: Araw Gabi

Mary Ann Bardinas October 10, 2018 12:11 AM

We know how much thrilled you are with the overwhelming love Michelle/Anna Vida (Barbie Imperial) and Adrian (JM de Guzman) have for each other in Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi.

However, there's another pair we couldn't help but notice because of their incessant bickerings and petty clashes that we absolutely find cute -- Nica (Ysabel Ortega) and Red (Paulo Angeles). Now that everything between them have gone romantic and they are almost on the brink of taking their relationship to the next level, let this Kapamilya Toplist take you back to the development of their endearing affair.

Right from the start, their feelings for each other have been strong, yet extremely contradicting. They met one bright day while Nica was on her duty as an attendant in the Tranquila Resort owned by Adrian, and Red arrived to check-in. She was dubious of his statements, thus she approached him rudely. As if intentionally triggering her temper, he responded by relentlessly teasing her. This scenario went on for a long time.

Actually, Nica is a sweet and amiable babe who transforms into a beast whenever Red is around. In her eyes, he is basically a conveyor of bad omens as she accused him of always putting her in danger whenever he's around. But our happy-go-lucky guy perceives her otherwise, for he seemingly just used  his charm and naughtiness to catch her attention.

Despite being the son of El Paraiso's famous and rich "Tita" Celestina de Alegre (Vina Morales), Red still opted to work in the inn where Nica also works in order to get closer to her, and even reached the point of dressing up as a lady to be allowed to go up to her dormitory room. Initially, he did that to visit her when she got sick to cheer her up, but he did it for a number of times for them to converse longer.

As they get together more often, they grew closer and friendship ensued between them. Eventually, Red professed his love for our beautiful and fierce lass and started courting her through his small yet sweet ways. Now, as we look forward on the conclusion of PHR Presents Araw Gabi, many of us are probably waiting as well for Nica's highly anticipated "yes".

In this Kapamilya Toplist, here are some of Nica and Red’s love-hate moments that truly made us giddy and thrilled.