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Kapamilya Toplist: 7 fiercest clashes of Odessa, Celestina and Harriet in PHR Presents Araw Gabi

Krista Baldono October 11, 2018 03:13 AM

Three women hogged the spotlight in the riveting narrative of Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi. These are Odessa Olvidar (Rita Avila), Celestina de Alegre (Vina Morales) and Harriet de Alegre (Ara Mina).

Although they had different personalities, these three women have one thing in common: they are all mothers. And as a mother, part of what they do is because of their children. No matter what kind of personalities they have, they all have the common interest of protecting and loving their child.

But all of them have different ways in showing our love. At first, Odessa Olvidar had let Celestina use her in believing she was doing what’s best for her son Adrian Olvidar (JM De Guzman). But when she was enlightened about how evil Celestina was, she showed us how her love for her son could change her. She learned how to fight for what is right for the sake of her son.

Meanwhile, Harriet de Alegre have lost so many years with her daughter Mich/Anna Vida de Alegre (Barbie Imperial). When she finally emerged after years she was thought to have died, Harriet had been livid about Celestina’s wrongdoings, especially that moment she tried to kill her and made her daughter suffer. Harriet then did not hesitate to stand up for herself and her family. Harriet fought Celestina in the most appropriate way, attaining justice for her, her husband Virgilio de Alegre (Raymond Bagatsing) and their daughter Anna Vida.

On the other hand, the infuriating Celestina de Alegre still had a soft spot, being a mother who would love her children more than anything. She once told her daughter Tanya de Alegre (Phoebe Walker) and her son Red (Paulo Angeles) that everything she does was for them. But the truth is, her spate of unlawful acts was a result of her obsession with Virgilio. She had been a stone-cold criminal, and have wounded her children deeply without realizing it. Not having the guts to accept that she ended up being hated by her own children, Celestina blamed other people. She continued her transgressions until she eventually fell. 

When Odessa, Harriet and Celestina would clash over a myriad of conflicts, issues and grudges, most especially the latter’s incessant misdeeds, it was terribly riotous.

Before the Araw Gabi reaches its end, let’s take a look back on the top 7 fieriest clashes of Odessa, Harriet and Celestina in this Kapamilya Toplist.