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Friday 5: 5 hottest and trending intimate scenes of Adrian and Mich in Araw Gabi October 12, 2018 12:27 AM

Their tandem might be considered unlikely, but JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial surprised us with how they are able to establish an unmistakable chemistry during the first time they worked together, which truly captivated us and got us hooked with Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi.

Although the characters they portrayed possess extremely different personalities and perspective in life – Barbie as the sanguine and sunny Michelle Verano (who was later revealed as the long-lost De Alegre scion, Anna Vida) while JM as the despondent and indifferent Adrian Oldivar – destiny had its dumbfounding way to make their paths cross.

From being connected only by mere business as he sought the help of the advertising agency where she used to one of its passionate agents, their relationship escalated into something romantic as they started to work together in the mystical island of El Paraiso and got closer than what they should only be. Since then, our siesta viewing has turned hotter yet sweeter because of the titillating intimate scenes that they share on-screen.

Before we officially bid farewell to the lovebirds we wholeheartedly adored and supported in the past months on its exciting and intense finale, let’s take a look back on five of the most remarkable and sizzling moments of Mich and Adrian together, which we collated in this Friday 5 video.

Certainly, these either shookt us, because of how these were executed seamlessly, or shattered our hearts, due to the intense jealousy we felt as we wish that we’re in the leading man or the leading lady’s position during that particular scenes.

Who would forget that time when he immediately attended to her when she suffered from cramps? When he gave her instant driving lessons, but instead of sitting on the passenger seat, he sat beside her on the driver’s seat? What about that driveling pool scene, that moment he taught her some self-defense techniques, and that torrid Jacuzzi scene, which all ended with a passionate kiss?

Will Mich and Adrian finally achieve the happy ending they truly deserve? Let’s find out on the last episode of PHR Presents Araw Gabi on Kapamilya Gold.