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LOOK: 19 photos of Kim Chiu with her “mini-me”

Isabelle Francez Raymundo June 07, 2019 11:11 PM

She is one of the most in demand leading ladies of the showbiz industry today. It is no secret, however, that she and her family went through tough times.

They initially had a successful giftshop in Tacloban. Unfortunately, this family business went bankrupt. In the end, they were forced to sell everything they had, move to Cebu and start over again. Thanks to Kim Chiu's big break into the entertainment industry, she and her family are living a more comfortable life once again.

All the hardships they went through are now in the past, but she will never forget how their relatives helped them get by which is why she is more than willing to give back. “Kasi alam ko naman din ‘yung feeling nung ikaw ‘yung tinutulungan,” she expressed the source of her gratitude. The actress feels blessed for all the opportunities that has come her way. Since she has more than enough, “Bakit naman hindi” is all she could say about sharing.

Even at her young age, it was already at Kim’s own initiative to give back. There is a particular teaching from the Bible that convinced her to act this way. “’Pag sasalinan ng pitsel ‘yung baso ng tubig mo, ‘pag hindi ka mamigay ng tubig, hindi magkakaroon ng bagong tubig,” she explained. This is an important lesson on sharing and she is determined to live by it, “’Yung laman ng tubig na ‘yun, aapaw lang siya nang parang walang nakinabang.”

She is truly an inspirational role model, so much so that Magandang Buhay’s momshies could not help but ask whether she is ready to be a mother. Of course, Kim was quick to decline. Yet, she already seems like a mom to her nieces.

One of them, Raine, was asked why she loves her Tita Kim so much. To which she answered, “Because she cares for us.” The little angel recounted how Kim would take them anywhere she went and always bond with them despite the packed schedules.

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From grocery shopping and trick or treating to vacations out of the country, they have done it all. Currently, Raine lives at Kim’s house which is why it is not surprise that she really seems to be turning into a mini Kim Chiu. Check out their adorable bonding moments on this gallery!