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Korean superstar Park Bo Gum of “Love In The Moonlight” thanks Filipino fans

ABS-CBN Corp. Comm. March 10,2017 12:11 PM

Korean superstar Park Bo Gum thanked his Filipino fans for their support in the pilot telecast of his drama “Love in the Moonlight” last Monday (Mar 6) on ABS-CBN.

Bo Gum tweeted to Park Bo Gum Philippines Twitter account and said “Many thanks to you all! I’m so grateful!”

This is in reply to the fan group’s tweet to him that said, “Yay! We didn’t just trend on Twitter, we rated #1 in media ratings too! Filipinos love @BOGUMMY, alright! #ParkBoGum #KimYooJung #LITMEunuch.”

“Love in the Moonlight” indeed won the ratings game and scored 11% nationwide compared to rival’s 7.4%. The pilot episode also conquered Twitter trends with the official hashtag #LITM, Love in the Moonlight, and Bo Gum landing on the top ten trending topics in the country.

It features the love story of Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum), a rebel prince who aspires for change in his community, and Sam Nom (Kim Yoo Jung), an ordinary girl that will do everything even as far as pretending to be a man named Ra-On just to find her mother. Lee Yeong’s journey will teach viewers to stand up for their beliefs and uphold the welfare of the common good, while Sam Nom shows the importance of knowing who you really are.

Aside from netizens swooning over Bo Gum, who was recently named as most influential Korean star and topped the Forbes Korea’s list of 2017 Top 40 Power Celebrity, fans also tweeted and commended ABS-CBN for the excellent job at dubbing the Asianovela to Filipino.

“I really like ABS-CBN’s dubbing when it comes to Asianovelas. It’s like listening to the characters real voices but in Filipino,” said Twitter user @navarro_roselie.

“I like it when ABS-CBN gets the nice Korean dramas. Good job, good dubbing unlikes others,” said Twitter user @aigoo_oppa.

“I Love OPM” grand winner Yohan Hwang sings the theme song of the series, which is the Korean version of Yeng Constantino’s hit song “Ikaw.”

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