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FATHER’S DAY 2018: Bagani stars with their ever supportive real life dads

Mary Ann Bardinas June 13, 2018 09:17 PM
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Liza Soberano and Daddy John

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A young Enrique Gil with Daddy Ricky

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Matteo Guidicelli and Daddy Gianluca

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Makisig Morales and Daddy Uldarico

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Aiko Melendez and Daddy Jimi

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Ryan Eigemann and Daddy Michael

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Rayver Cruz and Daddy Rodolfo

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Dimples Romana with her Papa Bong

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Every weeknight, we see how fearless and bold they are in facing the enemies and challenges they encounter in the primetime series Bagani. Either they are protagonists or anti-heroes, every character displays how brave and selfless they are as warriors in their own little ways.


But the same goes when the actors remove their costumes and take their weapons down, as they go back to reality and to their original roles as ordinary people who are loving members to their respective families and as awesome friends to their respective peers. They brandish the equal, or even larger, amount of courage and wisdom when it comes to overcoming the complexities of the real world, especially of the industry they are involved in.


Fortunately, there are constant people in their lives who have taught them how to fight in life and inspired them to keep going amidst the obstacles they need to face, through their verbal pieces of advice and examples they set – their formidable patriarchs who have stood as their heroes since they were born.


Their fathers might have been stern in their decision to enter the exciting show business to spare them from its gruesome nature and let them focus on their education, but since it has been their wildest dream and their way of helping the family, the ‘tough men’ lightened up and became the number one and most loyal fans of their celebrity offspring.


This upcoming Father’s Day, let us join the cast of Bagani in paying homage to the irreplaceable and unparalleled guys in their lives who love and care of them unconditionally through this gallery, showing their candid and happy moments with their beloved children.


It is genuinely delighting that in spite of their busyness in their various showbiz engagements and other personal endeavors, they assure to always have quality bonding time with their parents or never forget the memories they shared together when their Papas are still alive. Besides, it’s really sweet that they allot a space on their social media accounts for their appreciation posts for their daddies, whether there’s an occasion or none.


Happy Father’s Day to the mighty superheroes of our lives!